TheCounterPoint Music now online!

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thats right we finally did it! TheCounterPoint is now on myspace!

New self-titled Album for sale! contact us, 5$ a copy ^_^

Also There will now be a switch to me using for all the band news, though im sure art projects will end up back over here.. yey more blogs.


Feel the music

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I’ve been going pretty crazy with counter-point lately, lots of band art, lots of practicing, lots or writing new songs.
you can check out the art on my Deviant, and expect our myspace page to be going up soon!

till than check out some peepz i’ve been listening to on myspace:
good hip-hop, really good guitar, underground from north carolina. I hope these guys come down to canada soon!

I really like these guys, but i can’t help feel like their name is gayer than the pile 😦 of well. They have a really nice reggae punk feel, kinda like ill scarlet, but softer…. But these guys just got on conan, jimmy fallon, and travelling across seas so they must be pretty big… the video for “ca plane pour moi” is pretty awesome gotta love bands who can pull off multi-lingual rockage


Help this starving artist win a new life!

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I entered a contest on edge to win 10, 000$ and help me move downtown,

PLEASE everyone help vote ^_^ (it’ll only take a sec)

plus i put new art on deviant!! dosn’t that make it worth your while 😉

Merry Christmas!

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hi everybody, don’t worry I’m not dead, just really busy. An entire semester of max the mutt has blown by, I’m gonna keep drawing like a mad man, and hopefully update more now that i have internet in my apt. but i have posted alot of stuff on deviant so everyone should check that out!!

No More Christmas Hats

No More Christmas Hats

Toast on FunnyOrDie

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word up people, Toast is now on so please go vote funny, I would hate to see it die 😦

-Also I may have just gotten an apartment in Toronto so t.o madness might be coming soon…

Toast on Newgrounds!!!

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You can now watch toast on newgrounds!!

(Unfortunately the first time i submitted it was only running at half speed so it had to be KILLED check out the eulogy here: )

Toast is at 400 views on YouTube and still holds:
#23 – Most Subscribed (This Month) – Gurus – Canada

and Toast episode 2 script is looking really good 😀

You can’t hind hide from a ninja man.

Toast gains more honors

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#42 – Most Subscribed (This Week) – Canada
#2 – Most Subscribed (This Week) – Gurus – Canada
#33 – Most Subscribed (This Week) – Gurus
#42 – Most Subscribed (This Week) – Canada
#2 – Most Subscribed (This Week) – Gurus – Canada
#33 – Most Subscribed (This Week) – Gurus
#28 – Most Subscribed (This Month) – Gurus – Canada

definitely doing good on you tube with 309 views,  The Flash version is very nearly done It’s really evolved the show alot. I’m quite excited about this hitting newgrounds, maybe I’ll have to release an update on youtube with the blood, better walk cycles, and such….